Currently, I’m the Director of Design for Hologram, a cellular IoT platform. I’m leading all design and research efforts across our hardware, software, and platform features.Read more


Joined as the second product designer for Flexport. I then stepped up and ran Flexport’s user research arm. I’ve led research on everything from domestic deliveries, to international origin operations, and air freight management.Read more


Designed Quizlet Live, a new in-classroom educational tool that’s brought millions of new students and teachers onto Quizlet. I also introduced a new visual style across iOS, Android, and responsive web products.  Read more


Designed Inkling’s cross-platform search (across iOS, Android, and responsive web platforms). Researched and designed systems to help scale Inkling’s best customers.  Read more

Additional Work

Additional side projects and early employers. From political action to new interaction techniques for tablet drawing.  Read more